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Avid Xpress Pro 5.8.4 x32

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new Avid Xpress Pro 5.8.4 x32

Mesazh nga MrFresh prej Sun Nov 08, 2009 10:58 am

This new version confirms the status of Avid Xpress Pro as the most powerful and inexpensive mounting medium on the market. Avid Xpress Pro provides users with mounting medium with unmatched media management capabilities, including the ability to mix SD and HD formats in real time
There is one good reason why almost all modern films and television shows that go in prime time, were created on systems Avid ®️: nowhere else you will not find such flexibility in implementing their own ideas. All of this applies to the Avid Xpress ®️ Rro, which is a full-featured editing environment for working with media data formats HD, DV, SD and footage, which is as perfect as a portable tool for rough editing for any system of Avid. Realize your ideas with Avid Xpress Rro.
Product Highlights
• Support for HD, including HDV, DVCProHD and DNxHD; support uncompressed SD video with 10-bit color;
• Multikamerny installation in real time;
• Support for P2 and XDCAM HD;
• AVX 2 for processing effects in real time and 16-bit quality;
• Ability to view the footage in full screen mode;
• Creating a DVD in one step;
• Support for Avid Mojo SDI.
Whats new in 5.8.4
Fixed in v5.8.4
The following have been fixed in this release:
• When loading a progressive master clip into an interlace project, you will be prompted to perform a transcode. If you try to perform the transcode, you will receive a message indicating the "Transcode cannot be completed because the source contains an unsupported resolution.” This is as designed. The editing application does not support transcoding from progressive to interlaced material.
• Previously, you might have received an error when transcoding clips from OMF to MXF with no change in resolution. This has been fixed.
• Previously, the source timecode might have shifted when performing an edit while capture.This has been fixed.
• Previously, when performing a multi resolution ingest, parameters such as Tape name, Duration, and Tracks, might have changed. This caused problems with transferring clips between sites and archiving. This has been fixed.
• Previously, the Pan & Zoom effect used drive letters when accessing the image to be used for the effect. This does not work in a collaborative environment because the drive is only valid on the system that created the effect. UNC paths are now used.
• Previously, when logged in using a non-Administrator account, a capture or digital cut might not have been frame accurate on the Symphony Nitris. This has been fixed.
• Previously, HD-SDI embedded audio output might have sounded distorted on some audio devices. This has been fixed.
• Previously, HD-SDI embedded audio was not being output to the Panasonic AJ-HD1700 successfully. This has been fixed.
• Previously, when you selected Render IN to OUT, not all the effects might have been
rendered. This has been fixed.
• Previously, when the editing application was indexing files, in a non Avid Interplay environment, you would receive out of memory errors. This has been fixed.
Fixed in v5.8.3
The following have been fixed in this release:
• Sound TC was counting at 24fps as opposed to 30fps in 1080p23 projects, causing the Sound TC information to drop out before the end of the clip. This has been fixed.
• Effects that were nested inside a submaster effect might have appeared as black instead of letting the lower video layers show through. This has been fixed.
• Previously after opening, closing, or saving a bin, the system might hang. "Not responding” would appear in the title bar. This has been fixed.
• Previously, locators placed on a title track did not reappear after the original title media was deleted and then title media was recreated.
• If you have problems with batch capture accuracy for footage captured over 1394 due to undetected small timecode breaks, enable the "Enable detection of small timecode break” option located in the Capture Settings DV& HDV tab.
• Previously, you might have been unable to transcode 720p 50 to 1080p 25. This has been fixed.
• Previously, you might have received a "Video Overrun” error when capturing 720p or 1080p with more than 2 AES/EBU audio tracks. This has been fixed.
• Previously, if you transferred a sequence with a long name to AirSpace, the sequence would fail to transfer with a "requested function is not implemented” message. A more accurate message of "Sequence name exceeds 63 characters” now appears.
Size : 1151 MB

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