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Tracker Software PDF-Tools v4.0177

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new Tracker Software PDF-Tools v4.0177

Mesazh nga dj47 dr3q prej Wed Mar 03, 2010 5:26 am

Tracker Software PDF-Tools v4.0177 Multilangual | 13 MB

- tools for creating new PDF-files from the images and manipulating existing
files. With this tool you can easily combine PDF-files, delete them from the
page, extract fragments, images and text, create and edit bookmarks, and send
files via email and put it on their servers, HTTP and FTP.

The main
features of the program PDF-Tools:
- Scans from any devaysa Twain in
- Convert image files to PDF (allows you to have multiple images
vertically / horizontally on the page).
- Deletes a page from the PDF.
Extract pages to new PDF-file.
- Extract images from a file.
- Extract
text from PDF.
- Creates and edits the bookmark.
- Creates a picture
- Email (MAPI or SMTP)
- Send files to FTP
- HTTP - Send files
to the server.

? Scan / Import Images from any Twain
or WIA device to PDF
? Convert Text files to PDF
? Batch convert Image
file formats to PDF (allows user to mount muliple images vertically /
horizontally per page)
? Merge and / or Overlay PDF pages and files
Delete or extract Pages from a PDF file
? Extract Images and Text from a PDF
file to other formats.
? Extract formatted text and images to. RTF and. DOC
and open in your preferred Word Processor etc for editing / re-formatting
Create & Edit Bookmarks
? Create Thumbnails
? Add Header / Footer
style Watermark text
? Re-number pages (ie after merging multiple files) -
includes intelligent Macro's to automate and overprint in required location of
page (s)
? Merge (overlay) PDF pages as stationary / forms onto text or
another PDF pages - in background or foreground mode.
? Send Functions:
(Applies to all file types, not simply PDF's)
? Email (Via MAPI or SMTP)
FTP - FTP your Files to a Server
? HTTP - Post files to a Server
Optimise font embedding in existing PDF files.
? Add / Modify Security with
both 40/128 Bit & AES encryption supported
? Add text or Image based
Watermarks to pages or entire files.

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dj47 dr3q

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Postimet Postimet : 83
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Regjistrim Regjistrim : 11/02/2010
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