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Jamie Smart - Secrets of Hypnosis DVD 2

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New Mesazh Jamie Smart - Secrets of Hypnosis DVD 2

Mesazh nga Dg prej Mon Aug 16, 2010 8:45 am

Key Success Factor: Before I tell you about the DVDs, I want to explain my reason for saying the visual aspect is crucial for successful hypnotic communication. In their classic book Trance-formations, NLP Co-developers Bandler & Grinder explain that hypnosis is highly visual � you need to notice the changes taking place in the client, then feed those changes back to them in your language. This relies on your being able to notice what to notice! These DVDs have been designed to maximise the visual data you get (eg. Breathing rate, eye movements, skin colour changes, gestures etc)
The Secrets of Hypnosis - DVD 2
1 Hypnotic language
(The subject I'm most well known for. You can watch all my "non-verbal" communications as I demonstrate hypnotic language in action).
2 Ericksonian hypnosis cards
(Here's how the game is played�)
3 Voice control
(Your voice is one of your most powerful tools - you'll learn how to start mastering it even more powerfully).
4 The hypnotic presuppositions of NLP
(Finally, you'll understand how the presuppositions of NLP work, & how they relate to hypnosis).
5 Demo - Embedded commands
(More embedded commands than a Tony Robbins sales pitch!)
6 Demo - Pacing & leading
(A demonstration of a key skill you can use in every single communication scenario).
7 Demo - More pacing & leading
(And again, but adding layers of complexity & power).
8 Demo - Matching breathing rate
(Watch how someone responds as I covertly match their breathing rate in the audience).
9 Demo - Yes set, transitions etc
(The keys to doing hypnosis smoothly & elegantly - as with all these demos, you can see all the non-verbal cues I'm responding to.)
10 Feedback & another demo
(Everyone is different, & learning takes place quickly when you pay attention to multiple examples - you'll be amazed at how quickly you can develop your skills.)
11 Review of first day

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