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Debian LiveCD 5.0.2 [i386] (1xCD)

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New Mesazh Debian LiveCD 5.0.2 [i386] (1xCD)

Mesazh nga AlbveraaTk prej Mon Nov 15, 2010 3:19 am

Debian - the operating system, consisting of both free software and open source code, and from closed components. In the primary form, Debian GNU / Linux - one of the most popular flavors of Linux, has a significant influence on the development of this type of operating system as a whole. There are also projects on other nuclei: Debian GNU / Hurd, Debian GNU / kNetBSD and Debian GNU / kFreeBSD. Debian can be used as an operating system for servers and workstations.
Additional Information:
Debian is the largest among all distributions package store - ready to use programs - and even if not by their number, then the number of supported architectures: from ARM, used in embedded devices, the most popular x86 and PowerPC, the new 64-bit AMD, and ending with IBM S/390, used in mainframes. To work with a repository developed various means, the most popular of which - Advanced Packaging Tool (APT).
Debian was the basis of a number of distributions (100, see the list of distributions based on Debian). The most famous of them - Adamantix, Bioknoppix, Dreamlinux, Clusterix, Gnoppix, Knoppix, Ubuntu, Libranet, Linspire, MEPIS, Xandros Desktop OS, and Maemo.

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New Mesazh Re: Debian LiveCD 5.0.2 [i386] (1xCD)

Mesazh nga Niki005 prej Sat Apr 30, 2011 4:08 am


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