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Flash Decompiler Gold v2.3.1.1052

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new Flash Decompiler Gold v2.3.1.1052

Mesazh nga tingulli-3 prej Fri Oct 16, 2009 12:03 pm

Flash Decompiler Gold v2.3.1.1052 | 3.31 MB

Metrix Media Software Inc. provides users with Free Flash Decompiler Gold and Flash Decompiler Gold Full Version. Free Flash Decompiler Gold is totally free, however, some functions are limited. Users who registered Flash Decompiler Gold Full Version are entitled to have a lifetime license for all its features. Besides, technology support and version upgrade are available for registered users. Flash Decompiler Gold is a powerful and reliable flash extractor. It allows exporting all resources such as images, shapes, sounds, fonts, texts, buttons, sprites, scripts, and frames from any SWF file.

key Features:
· Preview window
· Innovative preview window.
· You can zoom in or zoom out the movie size.
· Show the path of current movie.
· Detailed movie information.
· Background color can be selected.
· File explorer can be set as list or report.
· Decompile, convert, edit
· Concise but enhanced menu bar.
· Browse and preview any flash before export.
· Convert files to (*.swf) or (*.exe) format.
· Replace images of flash with desired images and edit dynamic texts as you like.
· Analyze SWF files to images, shapes, sounds, fonts, texts, buttons, sprites, scripts, and frames.
· Rebuild FLA file by those data.
· Get each resource into readable content.

Home Page -

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new Re: Flash Decompiler Gold v2.3.1.1052

Mesazh nga enisi prej Mon Nov 02, 2009 4:17 am

Senior Member-Albveraa
Senior Member-Albveraa

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